Full Conference Registration: thank you for your registration

pannonian academy conference on dementia :: registration :: full conference registration – “in-person” :: thank you for your registration

We have received your registration for the Alps Adria Academy Conference on Dementia, January, 15th-16th, 2021.

If your payment option was:

  • credit/payment card or PayPal payment, that’s all we need from you in the moment. We will keep you posted; but if your payment option was
  • invoice/bank transfer, than please transfer total Early Full Conference Registration fee: 450 €. We will shortly send an invoice to your e-mail address from our official e-mail: dementia@alpsadria.academy. Please white list this e-mail address. Thank you!

For any questions you might have ot if you have not received the invoice within three days after the registration, please contact the conference manager Marko Savić, e-mail: mark@alpsadria.academy, mobile phone: +386 41 730 882 (Also VIber & WhatsApp), or Skype: marko.savic.007.

See you at the conference!