Marko Savić, Conference Manager

alps adria conference on dementia :: conference :: scientific & organising committee :: sen. lect. marko savić, msc, msc

Acting Director, Mura’s Institute for Infrastructure Development
Senior Lecturer in Design Management at the Faculty of Design, associated member of the University of Primorska
PhD student in Environmental Protection at the University Ljubljana

“My motivation for the Alps Adria Academy Conference on Dementia is to bring high profile research and scientific insights on dementia and related diseases into the beautiful regions of the Mura river – the Amazon of Europe.”

Marko Savić, MSc, MSc (46 y) is developing cross-border sustainable infrastructure initiative MiRi by connecting economy with sport, mobility for all & public health. He is habilitated senior lecturer in design management.

Marko completed two masters of sciences, former in the Anthropology of Everyday life and later in the Business Administration. He graduated as the Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Sports Education, Sports Training. Currently he is a PhD student at the Environmental Protection interdisciplinary doctoral programme of the University of Ljubljana. Sustainable Mobility & Dementia Alps Adria Academy conference manager.

As FIVB certified Beach Volleyball Coach still an active player of volleyball and beach volleyball. An advocate and everyday user of the bicycle as the best means of transportation. Avid book reader.

Coaching & lecturing expertise

Design Management


Business Model Innovation

Project Management

Design Thinking


Published scientific conference contribution (invited lecture)

Savić, M., 2015. Key resources in small and medium enterprises for business model innovation. 20th International Conference Sustainable Innovation 2015: ‘State of the Art’ Sustainable Innovation & Design. Epsom: The Centre for Sustainable Design, University for the Creative Arts. 21 p.

Zagorc, M., Milić, R., Savić, M.; 1999. The aerobics workout functional loads analysis. In: Strojnik, V. (ed.), Ušaj, A.(ed.), Jošt, B. (ed.). [Theories of human motor performance and their reflections in practice]. Ljubljana: Faculty of Sport, p. 417-420. 

Unpublished invited conference lecture

Savić, M., 2013. Trije načini za doseganje vrednosti v prodornih družbah. (Three ways to achieve values in vigorous companies). 8th International Business Conference on Business Process Management: BPM 2013 ‘Good business process management practice’. Ljubljana: Economic Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

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Speaking engagements

Invited lecture and seminar for students at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Business Model Innovation: Foundation of the Sustainable Development in the Insurgent Companies

Ljubljana / October 19th, 2017 / Slovene

Capacity building training course on financing & business models / Project CoolHeating

Business Model Patterns in Energy Sector – case Electricity

Ljutomer / May 30th, 2017 / Slovene

2nd Round table Art & Design & Economy, GoingGreenGlobal International Design Week – Sustainable Design Paradigms, 4th International Scientific Conference A.L.I.C.E.

Communicating green innovation in tourism (Slovene economy): Brezovec, A. (introduction), Novak, Z. (discussant), Van Geetsom, N. (discussant), Zorman, M. (discussant), Živec, D. (discussant), Schwarzkopf, M. (discussant), Savić, M. (discussant).

Ljubljana, Chamber of Commerce and Industry / November 17th, 2016 / Slovene, English

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Coaching assignments

Palia Ilektriki Municipal Cultural Centre

Cyins of Creativity Leisure&Tourism-, and Agro-Foods Industry seminar

Pafos, November 17th– 18th, 2015

The Ljubljana Castle/High school S. Bistrica/Hotel Stela/Lili Novy Literary Club

Design for Europe public interactive seminar: Three ways to create value in breakthrough companies

Ljubljana, Nov 4th & Nov. 26th; Ljutomer, Nov. 11th; S. Bistrica, Nov. 12th; 2014

Kulturni spomenik (Cultural monument) D125

Ljubljana, June 12th, 2014

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Awards & honors

Best presentation award

Norwegian Design Council, October 2014

At the International Citizen Focused Design Challenge 2014 during Oslo Innovation Week I was a Team Leader and a Coach of the interdisciplinary team (designers, architects, urban planners, students, business representatives, and one citizen as the lead user) that won the prize for the best presentation (Oslo, Norwegian Design Council).

The purpose of this design for all Challenge was to demonstrate to a wider audience and workshops delegates the impact of involving a diversity of citizens in the process when developing new products, services or environments that include the needs of the widest possible range of people.

One of my responsibilities as a team leader at the Challenge in Oslo was presentation coaching for the team presenter – Aisling Joyce >>.

Golden Netko award for the Ljubljanske mlekarne (eng. Ljubljana dairy) website

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Netko award, December 2007

The internet is an extremely cost-effective medium and/or communication path. This requires good development of documentation for design and architecture of the site, excellent design, precise execution and optimisation of the website.

In the case of the most known dairy in Slovenia with leading brands such as Mu in the yogurts category, Alpsko Mleko for the milk range, and Jošt on the cheeses market, the external confirmation came shortly after the release of their corporate and product website in 2007 all in one website as the Golden Netko award for the 2007.

My responsibility was business development and project management. 


Acting Director at MiRi, Murska Sobota

2018 – to present

Project Manager at CZR Murska Sobota

20018 – 2019

Independent researcher at dŠola Ljutomer

2013 – 2018

Senior Lecturer in Design Management at the Faculty of Design

2016 –

Head Volleyball Coach at VBK WSL Klagenfurt


Managing Director at Vizuarna, Strategic Design Consultancy

2006 – 2012

Deputy Manager at Tam Tam

2001 – 2006

Desk Officer at the Slovenian Sports Office

2000 – 2001

Professor of Physical Education at the High School for design and photography

1999 – 2000

Tournament director

Janko’s Memorial: Big International Charity Volleyball Tournament’s Beach volleyball development hub director

2019 MEVZA Beach Volleyball Cup: youth U18

Disclosure of the Conflict of Interest:

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alps adria conference on dementia :: conference :: scientific & organising committee :: sen. lect. marko savić, msc., msc