Miloš Židanik, Dean of Medicine, Ormož Psychiatric Hospital

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Dean of Medicine, Ormož Psychiatric Hospital
Assistant, Ormož Psychiatric Hospital

“Dementia, with its many faces and roots, represents a great emotional burden for the individual facing his losses, his relatives and friends, and a great economic burden for society and the state. It is therefore important to seize every opportunity to raise awareness and de-stigmatise this disease. So, it was natural that we approached this international conference in our hospital, in which we want to participate in terms of organisation as well as content.”

Miloš Židanik, M. Sc. (55 y) is Dean of Medicine and Assistant at the Ormož Psychiatric Hospital.

Professional Experience:

In 1993 employed at the Psychiatric Department of the Educational Hospital in Maribor, since 1997 as a specialist psychiatrist and involved in ambulance and hospital patient management. Since 1998 employed at the Dispensary for Psychohygiene of the dr. Adolf Drolc Medical Center Maribor as an ambulance psychiatrist and occasional mentor to circulating psychiatry specialists. From 1999, running the Dispensary for the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions at the before mentioned health centre.

In 2004 appointed to the working group for the implementation of the Alcohol Policy Act at the Ministry of Health. From 2008 employed at the Health Institute “Vaše zdravje” (Your health) as an ambulance psychiatrist. From 2010 to the end of 2012, working part-time (0,5 FTE) at the Danica Vogrinec Retirement Home, where he learned more about the characteristics of working with people with dementia.

In 2018 accepted to the Ormož Psychiatric Hospital. From April 2019 running the Daily Hospital, which later became an integral part of the Crisis Intervention Unit. Officially taking over unit management from April 1st, 2020. Otherwise, as of March 2020, appointed as the Dean of Medicine at the Hospital.

Professionally dealing with personality disorders, alcohol dependence by using individual and group psycho-therapeutic work approaches. Recently, the Ormož Psychiatric Hospital acquired the title of a research institution, therefore Miloš Židanik became also involved in the research of the Hospital.

Speaking Engagements:

+ Empathy and compassion. Ormož Psychiatric Hospital, professional meeting. February 2020;
+ Shame. Ormož Psychiatric Hospital, professional meeting, January 21st, 2020;
+ Compassionate being. Yoga centre Celje, January 18th, 2020;
+ Treatment of depression in the Daily Hospital. Symposium Depression 1, Ormož, November 17th, 2019;
+ Depression in the light of personality disorders. Symposium Depression 1, Ormož, November 17th, 2019;
+ Violence and youth. Youth information and cultural club Murska Sobota. Murska Sobota, October 18th, 2019;

and several dozens more.

Skills & competences

Certified Psychotherapist (European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) & Slovene Umbrella Association for Psycotherapy (SKZP))

Certified Psychotherapist (European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (ECPP))


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Židanik, M., Mrzlekar-Svetel, D. Vzroki za osip v ambulantni obravnavi odvisnih od alkohola = Reasons for drop out of out-patient treatment of alcohol dependence. Zdravstveno varstvo : Slovenian journal of public health. 2006, vol. 45, n. 1, p. 32-36.

Židanik, M. Anksioznost ali nevroza: prikaz primera = Anxiety or neurosis: case report study. Zdravniški vestnik : glasilo Slovenskega zdravniškega društva. 2005, vol. 74, n. 11, p. 713-716..

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alps adria conference on dementia :: conference :: scientific & organising committee :: miloš židanik, md, msc