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Connected Computing, Joanneum Research Digital

“The number of people affected by dementia will have almost doubled by 2050. This can be seen as a shocking development, while the number of caregivers is decreasing. Today, hardly any of us know what it means to be affected – neither as patients nor as caregivers. But the statistics show that this will change very quickly. This makes it all the more important to quickly raise awareness of the issue of dementia and care for those affected. Interdisciplinary conferences such as the Alps Adria Academy Conference on Dementia are particularly important and necessary to create a suitable framework for everyone. Only by working together and across disciplines will we be able to improve the quality of life of those affected – patients and their families”

Silvia Russegger, MA is head of the business unit Information Management of the research group Connected Computing at the Joanneum Research Digital institute

She graduated in Technical Mathematics at the Graz University of Technology. In 2019 she completed her master’s degree in Innovation Management at the University of Applied Sciences of Economics Campus 02. In her master thesis she dealt with the topic: “Identification of new fields of application for software products“.

Silvia Russegger has many years of experience in software conception and development as well as in standardisation. Through the coordination and cooperation of numerous national and international projects she was able to deepen and consolidate her knowledge in the areas of system and requirements analysis, information systems and project management. She was able to build up great expertise in digital transformation, product development, business development and marketing.


Connected Computing at Joanneum Research Digital

Recent publications

(+) Höffernig, M., Orgel, T., Russegger, S. and Bailer, W., 2015. Assessing quality in automated metadata aggregation and mapping services. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Cloud-Based Services for Digital Libraries.; (+) Orgel, T., Höffernig, M., Bailer, W. and Russegger, S., 2015. A metadata model and mapping approach for facilitating access to heterogeneous cultural heritage assets. International Journal on Digital Libraries15(2-4), pp.189-207.; (+) Majcen, K., Bailer, W., Höffernig, M., Preininger, W. and Russegger, S., 2012. Easing the Creation of Mappings between Metadata Formats. International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era1(1_suppl), pp.209-214.

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alps adria conference on dementia :: conference :: scientific & organising committee :: diin silvia russegger, ma